MARCH 5, 2024
  • New feature: Old users can select multiple LLMs by default from your profile configuration. New users have the ability to experience two models simultaneously, preloaded by the user creation process.


FEBRUARY 16, 2024
  • New feature: Multimodel, select up to four LLMs to receive a simultaneous answer to your prompt.


FEBRUARY 16, 2024
  • Other: Ensure a streamlined signup process on the platform to facilitate a direct experience with the subsequent step of confirming your email.


FEBRUARY 16, 2024
  • Other: Offer free users access to a wider range of functionalities, including models and attachments, to fully test all capabilities of Straico.


FEBRUARY 13, 2024
  • Fix: Refactor the code container UI to ensure a clean interface when copying and pasting segments of code, thereby avoiding line numbers in the copied segment.


FEBRUARY 13, 2024
  • Fix: Clear access to the bottom-right buttons in a chat message.


FEBRUARY 11, 2024
  • New feature: Release of the Straico API, which offers an array of functionalities, including access to a comprehensive list of models and prompt generation. Every user can find their own unique API key in the ‘My Profile’ section of our platform. For full documentation of the API, please visit Straico API documentation.


FEBRUARY 8, 2024
  • Fix: Horizontal gesture feature to access hidden tabs such as YouTube and Webpages in the attachments section for mobile scope.


FEBRUARY 7, 2024
  • Other: Call userguiding guide for a free user.


FEBRUARY 7, 2024
  • Fix: Support for searching chats by title within a folder.
  • Fix: Display the create template button in the mobile layout.
  • Fix: Display a phantom animation when generating a DALL-E 3 image.


FEBRUARY 1, 2024
  • New feature: Redesign of the template sidebar to fit the new UI concept. Introduce a search function for templates with dynamic scrolling.


JANUARY 30, 2024
  • New feature: Multi-file attachment selection enables inserting several files into one chat for making queries. You can drag and drop files into the attachment upload section. The platform also supports uploading multiple files simultaneously for one upload.


JANUARY 30, 2024
  • New feature: Welcome chat view. A personalized message with motivational phrases for the user.


JANUARY 30, 2024
  • Fix: Resolved the issue of empty messages in chat responses.


JANUARY 26, 2024
  • Fix: The ‘Delete Chat’ button in the side navigation has been repaired and is now functioning properly.


JANUARY 18, 2024
  • New feature:  A search bar to find chats by title.
  • Improvement: Chat sidebar enhancements include a more efficient drag-and-drop manager and a condensed view allowing for a larger capacity of chats.


JANUARY 16, 2024
  • Fix: Manage the exception when a shared resource fails during creation.


JANUARY 15, 2024
  • New feature: ‘Stop Generating’ button to halt the chat stream at the desired moment.


JANUARY 12, 2024
  • Fix: Preserve your model selection even after navigating through the platform or reloading the page.


JANUARY 8, 2024
  • New feature: The platform now supports uploads of Excel, PowerPoint, Word, TXT files as well as media files like MP3 and MP4, with a generous size limit of 25MB for audio and video content. This advancement arrives to complement the existing supported formats—PDFs, YouTube videos, and web page URLs for your attachments context.


JANUARY 5, 2024
  • Fix: Handle exceptions in the control map when generating images without a default model.
  • Other: ‘New’ tag added to the ‘Research’ template category.


JANUARY 5, 2024
  • Improvement: The chat text field now features a vertical scroll bar to prevent the ‘submit’ button from being obscured and to maintain the proper proportions of the chat interface.


JANUARY 4, 2024
  • New feature: Detailed release notes for Straico’s new integrated features when click on the version label located in the bottom-right corner.


January 4, 2024
  • New feature: Using the Dalle-3 Template from the Chat Assistant. The Chat Assistant now includes the Dalle-3 template feature. Users can generate images in three different sizes 1024×1024 (square), 1792×1024 (landscape) and 1024×1792 (portrait). This function allows the creation of up to four images in a single request. To start, simply select the Dalle-3 template from your chat interface.