Anthropic: Claude v2.1

Anthropic Claude v2.1 is a large language model (LLM) developed by Anthropic, specialized in handling complex multi-step instructions over large amounts of content. Claude v2.1 is based on Anthropic’s own Constitutional AI research and does not use any existing open-source natural language processing (NLP) models directly as its base. However, Claude builds on the recent advances in large language models like GPT-3.

Anthropic designed Claude v2.1 to be helpful, harmless, and honest. It will refrain from making misleading or harmful statements and will admit what it doesn’t know.


As this LLM does not rely on any existing open source model, Claude v2.1 is the evolution of a model owned by Anthropic itself, Claude v1.0,

The model is trained with principles of constitutional AI:

Constitutional AI refers to a set of techniques used to ensure AI systems like Claude behave safely, reliably and ethically.

Model Card

LLM namePPLX 70B Online
Model size130B
Required vRAM (GB)Unknown
Context length200,000
Supported languagesen,es,fr

Usage Examples

Claude v2.1 is supposed to be suitable for giving consistent answers based on very large contexts. A great way to check this is to put a large file as context and verify if the model is able to provide useful and consistent information about the file.

Summarizing a large tale

In a sample conversation, with a simple prompt “Summarize PDF”, the model is asked to give a summary of a considerably long tale from a Latin-American famous writer. The tale is written and spanish, and the LLM succeeds in giving a good summary and details about the arguments and characteristics of the main characters, mentioning their relationship and conflicts, showing that the whole context is taken into account.

Comparison to other models

Claude v2.1 has an excellent performance with large contexts, but also with short prompts. In any case, the quality of the answers is remarkable, making this LLM a great alternative to other very well performing models such as GPT-4.

It also has a very good conversational structure, and this is one of the aspects that the model was designed for. However, if there’s a need of having a more natural or NSFW conversation, this is not the right choice: Claude v2.1 is intended to actually be polite and honest, avoiding at all cost promoting “unsafe” conversations, which is not an issue for models like  Mythomax L2 13B 8K.


Anthropic Claude v2.1 is a propiertary large language model (LLM) developed by Anthropic, specialized in handling complex multi-step instructions over large amounts of content. Claude v2.1


Suitable for very large context and files, elaborated analysis from many sources of information, very good with complex reasoning.


Not up-to-date information, multiple guardrails, exhibit biases, hallucinations, refuses to promote “unsafe” conversations.

Chat examples:

– Summarizing a large tale